Morphettville is an urban renewal project featuring land, townhouses and refurbished homes. The long-term project is now approximately 80% sold and occupied.

The masterplan for Morphettville has delivered an upgraded Appleby Reserve and playground, and improved streetscapes throughout the project. A builder’s display village was completed in 2020 on Nilpena Avenue.

During the planning phase, we worked closely with SA Housing Authority to uncover the unique selling points - developing a sense of ‘place and identity’ was imperative, and this is still reflected in the ongoing marketing.

Our objective was to build a community and develop a neighbourhood, while our messaging promotes a sought-after destination suburb that is modern, attractive, connected, healthy, safe and active. It was also important for our marketing communications to demonstrate a high standard of sustainability and urban design.

The project has been successful with buyers appreciating the location and affordable price point. Land releases sell within several days of launch and while the Townhouses had a slower start, they finished strongly, with all 37 townhouses sold out in 2021. The construction of the Townhouse Display Centre was instrumental in the sales success, with 4 completed homes available for inspection. These homes were subsequently sold at auction, generating unprecedented sales prices and large returns for the developer.

One of the ongoing challenges has been the development of targeted campaigns to help shift less desirable refurbished homes. These homes were successfully sold after an average sales campaign of 1-3 weeks.